Lab 7 Notes

March 9, 2014
Assessment, Tracking, & LMS

Mac OS X 10.8.5
Memory: 16 GB


Tremendous problems this week. Nothing worked. Had trouble with everything, from variables (which I did get to work previously) to quiz properties and reporting. System variables seem to work, but user variables did not. After spending an hour or two trying to get user variables to work, I moved my user variable slides (for entry and display) to a non-quiz project. They work perfectly. So my theory is that user variables are not used the same way in projects that are quizzes. This seems odd. Perhaps there is something else you have to do to get user variables to work in quizzes.

Very frustrating lab experience this week.

Questions from lab (and my responses)

    1. The name that you chose for your Instructional Design Company.
      YuleFrog Studios

    2. How many hours you personally used watching/reading/doing the practice labs this week?
    3. How many hours you personally used developing your deliverable? This is important, as these would be billable hours in your project for a client.

      10. If this were for a real client, I wouldn't feel comfortable billing for these hours. Most of them were back and forth trying to get Captivate to work; a client shouldn't have to pay for my inexperience with a tool, unless, of course, they request that I learn that tool while working on their project.

    4. List all the tools used to create the deliverables (e.g. computer type, OS, software and versions, etc.)

      Listed above (plus Dreamweaver).

    5. What experiments or features did you try this week? Any noted differences between Flash and Mobile versions?
      • I experimented with several drag and drop scenarios, including draging a hyphen to the correct point in a sentence, and dragging the correct answer to a place on the screen. Both approaches, however, seemed inauthentic and forced.
      • I didn't get drag and drop to work the way I wanted. I wasn't able to find a way to mark drop spots as incorrect, and I wasn't able to figure out how to make the drag and drop answer as required.
      • I set up four drag sources items to give users the option of dragging multiple hyphens into the sentence. However, I wasn't able to figure out how to calculate points for only one of the items, or to calculate partial scores.
      • I was not able to figure out how to show the correct answer for drag and drop in the review phase. I added correct answers, and assigned points, but it's not working.
      • I used the technique of putting a text box over a text entry box to get the default text to disappear when the user types. However, this seems clumsy. You have to click twice to get the cursor in the text box. Also, you can click submit without having entered anything in the text box.
      • I had a very difficult time trying to get the quiz to record answers correctly. Radio buttons didn't work, submit buttons didn't work, and drag and drop was a real pain. I had hoped that creating quizzes would have been more straightforward.
      • I wanted to give points for entering something in the text box on the first slide (your name) but I couldn't get that to work.
      • I am not happy with the default quiz buttons. You can select an answer and click Next, and the system doesn't record your answer. Not a good user experience.
      • I had trouble figuring out how to control the quiz properties. Clicking around in the properties boxes I sometimes find things, like the default text for correct and incorrect answers, and sometimes I just can't find them.
      • And sometimes they don't seem to work after I find and change tem. For example, I found the preferences for changing the default text on success and failure buttons, and I changed it. But the text on some buttons didn't change, and I was not able to find those properties. I found that I had to deselect the "correct" and "incorrect" check boxes to be able to see them. And then I still had to change the text. They reverted back to the default text instead of using the updated text I added in the preferences. Also, after I changed the preferences, and then manually changed the captions, they somehow reverted back to the old style again. Why?

    6. What did you learn in doing this lab that might be useful in your own project?  Or in your current work, or future career?

      I'm not sure about this. Since I am not a teacher, I'm not in the business of creating tests and assessments, so I do not see any immediate use for this module in my current work or future career.


  1. I'm still not able to control the size of the variable. I read the notes that say to set the size when you insert the variable, but I didn't see any way to do that.
  2. I added a drop-down list, but I can't seem to figure out how to control the size of the list -- it cuts off the words. How do I change the size?
  3. As I was finalizing the project on Sunday night, I got the message, "Publish failed." No other information available. What could cause this error? After more testing, I was able to determine that I can publish when I disable the SCORM setting. However, I cannot publish with SCORM enabled as our assignment requests.
  4. I selected the option, "Hide playbar in quiz," but the playbar still appears. Why?
  5. Test results were appearing fine for awhile, but now they don't appear. The project hangs at the drag and drop slide. Why?