Lab 3 Notes

February 11, 2014

Create an animated project in Captivate



Mac OS X 10.8.5

Memory: 16 GB

Captivate 6 ( -- after installing patch provided by professor Challenger



I had an idea stuck in my head, and I had to try it. It stemmed from an experience I had when I went to a doctor appointment with my aunt, who suffers from Dementia. The nurse was going through her standard questions, and she asked my aunt the following: "What is your preferred learning style?" My aunt had no idea what this person was talking about, and it got me thinking of how I might explain it.


The scope of the project was larger than this lesson allowed -- I would have liked to include more interaction, combine learning styles, and provide a summary slide -- but I only attempted part of the project for this lab.


And the longer I work on this project, the more bored I get with the premise, and the more I start thinking about other projects I could do.




1.      Created Captivate project and saved to lab3 folder (used smaller project size than previous labs: 640 x 480).

2.      Created storyboard and planned animations.

3.      Added slides.

4.      Added text and images.

5.      Added buttons and actions. Previewed each slide to make sure it worked as expected.

6.      Recorded and added video.

7.      Experimented with slidelets. Could not figure out how to manage slidelet actions (limitation of Cap 6?).

8.      Tried to add a second audio to title slide. The audio was part of a .m4v file (not extracted to audio format). Wasn't able to get it to play (which is probably just as well -- it's distracting by itself -- needs something else in the background).

9.      During publishing, received the message, "some slides are not supported by the HTML5 format."


For further exploration


1.      Get a better handle on rollover buttons and images. I'm not seeing many controls for them in Cap 6.

2.      Figure out best practices for including video and interactions for each proposed output (SWF, HTML5).

3.      When you add an email link (mailto), can you also specify a subject line?

4.      Figure out how to do some real (and meaningful) interactive animation -- such as enabling a user to pull a block from the Tumbling Tower. Consider creating a block image, and overlaying it on the Tumbling Tower image, and enabling drag and drop actions for the block. How to make the drag and drop meaningful is another question. Obviously, this problem has been solved on other platforms, such as mobile app development (think Angry Birds). Not sure how to solve it using Captivate.