The use of the ITCDLAND Server is governed by the CSUMB network acceptable use policy. The storage and/or distribution of copyrighted material such as software, music, pornography, etc. will be grounds for the loss of your account and possible further action by the Student Conduct Office.
This server is for academic use only!

FAQ: last update 08/15/2017

What is the purpose of itcdland? The purpose of the itcdland server (LINUX) at the School of Information Technology and Communication Design is to provide students and faculty with an experimental server environment and additional file storage.

Who can use the itcdland server? The use of the itcdland server is limited to currently enrolled SCD students, currently enrolled MIST students and SCD faculty only. Accounts are only created when requested and are not automatically generated.

I just graduated. Do I still have itcdland access? SCD and MIST students will have 30 days from their graduation date to remove any files from their accounts. After 30 days, their accounts will be removed from the itcdland server and all files deleted.

My student status was inactive and I have re-enrolled, do I still have a itcdland account? No, students who have not enrolled in classes for two consecutive semesters are considered inactive and their itcdland accounts are deleted.

How much available storage space do I have on itcdland? The default storage quota for accounts on the itcdland server is 1GB (hard). The Director of ITCD must approve additional storage space.

Is my account backed up in case of a server failure or accidental deletion of files? No, users are responsible to maintain their own back-ups. ITCD assumes no liability for lost data.

How do I use my account? The public_html directory in your account is linked to the Apache web server. Only files placed in that directory are visible to the outside world.

What is the URL to view my account? The URL for your account is

Can I change my password if I don't like it? The account passwords are generated by a function that randomly creates secure passwords. System security is more important that an easy password for you to remember so the answer is no!

What type of server technologies does itcdland utilize? The itcdland server uses Apache2 as the web server with PHP5 complied as a DSO module. A MySQL 5.0 database server will be made available, but users must request a separate MySQL account. MySQL accounts will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

How can I access itcdland once I have an account? User access to the itcdland server will be through sftp only. Shell access is not permitted.

What types of files and content may I include in itcdland? Use of the itcdland Server will be governed by the CSU Monterey Bay network acceptable use policy. Any violations of this policy may result in the immediate revocation of user privileges and deletion of corresponding accounts. At no time may the itcdland server be used for commercial activity.

I have questions about itcdland. Who should I speak to? itcdland service requests and user inquiries must be made directly to the ITCD Lab Coordinator.